Top Red Light Camera Sites

top 10 list

Here are some top sites discussing red light cameras. If you think any sites should be added to this list, please feel free to make a comment. - this webmaster has a strong opposition to red light cameras and an abundance of information to back up his case. This is one of the most extensive resources I’ve seen on red light cameras. -  this website lists red light camera locations. The obvious goal here would be to see the number of red light camera incidences reduced along with the big brother state we are now seeing on the rise. Here is one of my favorite lines from this lawyer:

My advise to the public; find a traffic ticket lawyer to fight your case and vote against the morons who allowed these cameras to invade our communities.

DallasCriminalDefenseLawyerBlog – this lawyer has some strong libertarian sensibilities. Like me, he believe in standing up for your rights whenever possible. Unfortunately, he reaches a sad conclusion about most red light tickets. It isn’t worth it economically to fight these tickets at the time.

PhotoEnforced – great site to quickly view the red light and speed cameras in a given state or the entire country for that matter.

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